We were so excited to host Pioneer Winter for a collaborative movement workshop this May!

Each year, renowned and emerging choreographers are invited to spend time with the company for a period of creative collaboration in a mentoring relationship. In May 2023, SDW was honored to welcome Miami-based choreographer and artistic director of Pioneer Winter Collective, Pioneer Winter! We had an amazing two days flowing through sensing movement beyond sight together at Davis Dance Company’s studio in Durham, NC. The studio was filled with poetry, inspiration, and togetherness as the artists explored language as a way to create visceral environments, and researched sonic perception and vanishing points. Time was spent connecting with the poetry of Arsimmer McCoy, who developed their work for  Pioneer Winter Collective’s Birds of Paradise. Lingering discoveries we can’t wait to continue diving into include transformational moments of shared language and shared labor: “I’m here for you.” and “For me?”.

Pioneer said that “notions of vulnerability, trust, and collective were embodied and emboldened with curiosity and such love and respect” as he reflected on the experience. 

We wanted to express such love and respect for the SDW family for coming together as fierce explorers of these new terrains. Thank you to: Pioneer Winter, DJ Robinson, Hannah Marr, Jessi Wooten, Lilly King, Kate Gupton, Brice Smith, Ciara Coleman, Hillary Ensminger, Janie Desmond.

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