We Danced and Marched for Our Lives

On March 24th, I led the Durham March for Our Lives at CCB Plaza to stand in solidarity with the movement to end gun violence in our schools and in our communities. Little did I know that my effort to create a platform for the Durham community would gather 2000 residents. It was a day I will never forget and I could not have done it without my brother, Bryan Wright and my husband, Shannon Fairbanks. We hosted nineteen speakers including students, Senators, Congressmen, Commissioners, and community service organizations. We were joined by 43 volunteers and headcount.org helped us register dozens of new voters. You can read more about our rally here: The Herald Sun

Before I received permission to host the March, I had been planning a Dance for Our Lives Flash Mob. Over 50 community members joined together in the cold rain several hours after the March to reactivate the CCB Plaza once again and this time with  dance.  Witnessing everyone moving together as one created a powerful image of togetherness and interconnectedness.  It seemed to enhance the visibility of taking a communal approach to life’s challenges and relating to each other across cultural and ethnic differences.  It seemed to also pay tribute to early tribal cultures where dance as ritual was used to grieve, to celebrate and to problem solve together. In essence, it echoed what had happened earlier that day: People coming together as individuals across the spectrum of age and race to share the tears and rage and passion that creates change.  Thousands of us found our common ground in the roots of our exposed humanity. And from there, we will March on and we will remember just how important it is to move from grief to action.

Ways to stay involved:

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

Moms Demand Action


North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Action NC

Thanks to Ryan Pham for the commemorative video of Durham March for Our Lives and to Michael Washington at Argyle Rebel Films for the video of Dance for Our Lives. And a sincere thank you to all of you who came out in support!


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