The National Women’s Theatre Festival presented an excerpt of enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight

Graphic reading: The 7th Annual National Women's Theatre Festival
July 28-31, 2022
Join in-person or virtually

On July 28, 2022, an excerpt of enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight was presented at The National Women’s Theatre’s annual Festival in Raleigh, NC. This festival has been the nation’s largest symposium on gender in theatre and has provided a platform for amplifying & celebrating the contributions of women, non-binary, TGNC, and other under-represented gender artists in the field. 

ShaLeigh Dance Works presented a 20-minute excerpt of enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight at Festival 22. The live audience chose to experience the work with or without a cover over their eyes. Four audience members were invited to join the experience onstage and two seated audience members received a more immersive experience.Those six invited audience members were taken through a consent-focused orientation process that Festival 22 attendees were able to observe at the top of the show followed by the performance excerpt.

After the performance, ShaLeigh Dance Works broke down the creation process and answered audience questions!

We were excited to present our work both in person at Frank Thompson Hall on the North Carolina State University and virtually as a part of The National Women’s Theatre’s annual Festival.

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