SeoHyun Ryu

SeoHyun studied rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 9 and did not dance again until her mid twenties. Her passion was reignited when she began studying contemporary dance and fell in love with learning to move in a way that expressed her inner thoughts and feelings. Each and every day, she continues to discover herself through movement. She is currently studying Dance Movement Therapy and her future goal is to learn to facilitate the healing of others emotionally and physically though dance.

Hannah Nicole Marr

Hannah Nicole Marr is Scotch-Irish and German. She is originally from Raleigh, NC. She graduated in 2017 from the University of North Carolina School of The Arts, where she also attended high school. Hannah is the dance teacher at Jordan-Matthews High School, and guest teaches and choreographs at dance studios around the area. Hannah has been honored to perform works by Doug Varone, Paul Taylor, Martha Graham, Wayne McGregor, Juel D. Lane, Ming- Lung Yang, Netta Yerushalmy, Kira Blazek, and many others. Hannah has a deep passion for choreography and the investigation of connections between emotion and movement. Hannah has been a principle company member with ShaLeigh Dance Works since 2017 and became rehearsal director in 2020.

“I am so beyond thrilled for the direction that we are swiftly moving as a company! We are engaging more with the community, which always brings such joy. We are expanding our movement language, and it is so exciting to share it with others and have them experience what it can do for you as a mover and as a human. The constant investigation of self and others that we go through as a company is something that continuously proves to challenge and impact me. As we dive deeper into our movement language I continue to discover new things that I am able to bring forward into our creations of new work, both individually and as a group.”