Revolutionaries in the Dark: Evil English

We fell utterly in love with these two after collaborating on Trust The Bus and qUuest wiRx! We are elated they will kick off our performances on November 3rd at 8:30!!

Minimalist rock duo Evil English offer a raw, esoteric soundscape from their home in Durham, North Carolina. Vocalist Lindsey Elcessor’s romantic lyricism weaves worlds of beauty with that of loss, modernity, and nature in a subconscious politic akin to authors of magical realism. Her narratives are supported by a garage rock approach to folk-inspired songwriting, alternatively utilizing overdriven guitar and an echo laden Casiotone to bring old soul songs to life for the modern age. Behind the kit, Rob Chamberlain lays a solid foundation of sparse, low end percussion and synthesizers. Emphasizing an otherworldly negative space, his contributions are underscored by familiar organic sounds, ornamented with bizarre flourishes of digital light. With a sound often compared to the gothic rock vanguard of the late 60’s, the two offer a new perspective on independent rock music. Evil English’s forthcoming debut, The Tallest Towers, is due out in Spring 2018.

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