Our First Virtual Premiere

The In-Between. Photo by Slater Mapp

Most of our audience missed our premiere due to social distancing. So we decided to go digital! On Friday, May 15th we offered our first livestream viewing of our 2020 World Premiere of The In-Between, followed by a virtual talk back with the artists, dancers, and collaborators involved in the show. It was such a great success with 174 viewers joining us from all over the world, that we look forward to doing it again!

Click the image below to listen to our composers Kaanchee and Alex of Sand Pact speaking about our collaborative process for The In-Between in an interview on The State of Things! They join Host Frank Stasio to break down a section of the score and explain the creative process behind their soundscapes.

Featured in the score are reworked audio from a 1954 educational film, the sound of a whip crack and, naturally, some samples of Whitney Houston – Thanks to our Rosie Herrera 🌹

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