Our 3rd Annual Gala: You won’t want to miss this!


We truly believe that we are in deep need of work that affirms and promotes a sense of community, empathy, and connection; work that restores us, reminds us that we’re human, and connects us to one another again. We believe that by investing in our efforts, we can discover new possibilities and can begin to engage in a different dialogue about what it means to be an artist, how valuable it is, how we can affect change, and how we can contribute to our universal human experience. I am keeping faith that individuals who are able to join us in this endeavor will do so.

Our annual fundraising campaign sustains these efforts and by making a commitment to contribute, you are making a powerful statement of advocacy for the arts that is deeply meaningful in today’s world.


Your support directly impacts the power of bringing the arts to the lives of others and sustains our artists, staff members, and programs. Here’s how:

  • Performing Artists – Your donation will help us value and nurture our artists with rehearsal wages, physical therapy, and wellness programs for our 8 Performing Artists.  
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  • Engagement Programs – Your donation will allow us to expand the reach of our community engagement programs for special populations and audiences.
  • Programming Support – Your donation will enable us to expand our artistic vision with greater access to costuming, props, lighting, set design, sound design, lighting design, administrative fees, touring, marketing & promotional materials.
  • Staff Support – Your donation will sustain our behind-the-scenes efforts with wages for our growing team of collaborators.

A dynamic cultural sector is a catalyst for growth, attracting and retaining businesses and visitors. By supporting ShaLeigh Dance Works’ programming, you are supporting opportunities with meaningful and sustainable impact for both individuals and communities!


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