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We were honored to presented by the North Carolina Dance Festival in Asheville, NC this past weekend! We performed at the charming Be Be Theatre which keenly reminded us of some of our favorite theatres in NYC!The BeBe Theater is a cozy and intimate black-box theater along a back street in downtown Asheville. The theatre is run by two local creatives: Susan and Giles Collard. We were warmly welcomed, celebrated and were honored to sell out our last show. The shared evening also featured Megan Mazarick, Ashley McCullough, Kristen Taylor Duncan and local group Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre. We were excited to present “Dead Man’s Walk,” the touring version of our recent evening-length “I Promise,” and a response to MLK Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. It may have been our strongest performance yet.

During the artist Q & A following the performance, we received numerous heartfelt responses to our work. Our work was met with more “thank you’s” than questions, more observations and responses than inquires. It was a beautiful sentiment to knowing that we reached our audience on this tour. We sure hope to be back again soon and left feeling humbled and grateful for the opportunity!

Huge thanks to Anne Morris at NC Dance Project for her passion to cultivate our NC Dance community and all of the opportunities it provides for us as artists! As well as thanks to Susan and Giles Collard for being incredible hosts for our work!

Here is Anne in early morning action on our behalf! For sure the culprit to selling out our last show!


I was honored to be invited to offer a free community master class on Saturday morning at the BeBe Theater. I was excited to share Shaga, the company’s movement language and how we used it to create the opening sequence of “Dead Man’s Walk.” We were met with such an enthusiastic response, I believe several of the students will soon be heading to Durham to join one of our upcoming community classes! Huge thanks to this willing and eager group of movers! We had a wonderful time sharing and moving with all of you!

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