I Promise: Mike Wall at soundFORMovement

Working with Mike Wall at soundFORMovement has been a dream collaboration. I have been drawn to Mike’s music since first hearing him play during classes at the American Dance Festival. No matter what we were doing in class, I would always hear the music and it would pull more from me. His music bridges the emotional gap between executing movement and engaging your passion inside of it. Although we have collaborated numerous times, I Promise is our second evening-length work together. The process has been effortless. It is a very special relationship to communicate through sound so seamlessly. I don’t often use many words to describe what I am aiming for, but I will send sound clips that create a certain tone or environment and what Mike creates from it takes my breath away. He has an ability to hone in on the elements that are meaningful to me and to enhance these qualities. It’s a unique choreographer/composer relationship to have this kind of symbiotic connection. And as what we both do involve forms of mostly non verbal artistic expression, it makes sense that we understand each other in this way. I feel we both build our work from an emotional language and together its as if we have created a little world for it to exist independently. That is the fullness I think people will take away from this particular work. We have built an environment that is open enough for the audience to wander through with their own senses and imagination.

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