Meadow Dance Named Best of 2021 for Outstanding Choreography by Chatham Life and Style!

ShaLeigh Dance Works was honored to present two new ADF commissioned works at Durham’s Mystic Farm & Distillery along with Nia Sadler, Gaspard&Dancers, and Soul Struck leading up to the world premiere of tHe aGe oF aNXiety by dendy/donovan projects!

Photo courtesy of ADF by Ben McKeown Photography

As a part of ADF’s first in-person event, SDW was honored to be commissioned to create two new site-specific works. Created specifically for this occasion and this site, the opening movement installation was entitled Moving, Still and was inspired by the idea of how we are all transitioning together in this time of COVID and the layers of effort and resilience that we have all had to discover.

Photo by Slater Mapp

In an interview with Ray Elliot for the Local Reporter, ShaLeigh said “Much of my work is usually dark and emotional. And it has these points of inquiry that dig deeply into my own personal curiosities. But for this, it was just, wow, we are together again. I just want to celebrate that. I just want this to feel like a gift to the audience.”

You can read more of that interview here:

Photo by Slater Mapp

The second movement Meadow Dance was created for 5 dancers and designed to visually interact with the incredible music score created by Mike Wall. It was incredible to design choreography that could partner the incredible landscape and expanse of the sky. The choreography featured the trajectory of movement and energy to highlight the very essence of the dancers in motion with the expanse of the open field.

Photo courtesy of ADF by Ben McKeown Photography

We were so grateful to Marie Muir at Durham Magazine for this incredible coverage! “ShaLeigh Dance Works’ company moved with precision across a meadow stage at Mystic Farm & Distillery, captivating the crowd.”

Last but not least, we were honored to be recognized by Chatham Life and Style in the outstanding choreography category for our piece Meadow Dance as a part of their Best of 2021 list! We are so grateful to The American Dance Festival for the opportunity and to all of our amazing performers!

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