Meadow Dance & Moving, Still


As a part of ADF’s reopening event at Mystic Farm and Distillery in 2021, ShaLeigh Dance Works was commissioned to create two new site-specific works. Created specifically for this occasion and this site, the opening movement installation entitled Moving, Still was designed as an evolving sculpture garden with 10 dancers. The installation focuses on shifting rather than arriving and explores the moment of transition between stillness and motion. Comerford was inspired by the idea of how we are all transitioning together in this time of COVID and the layers of effort and resilience that we have all had to discover. The design creates constantly shifting compositions where even moments of stillness have a continual sense of progression.

Meadow Dance was created for 5 dancers and was designed to visually interact with the music score to strengthen the relationship between sound and movement within the landscape. The work continues to examine the movement concepts of Moving, Still but expands to more spatial, temporal, and visual dynamics. The second movement travels in spirals and diagonals that cut across the expansive horizon. The choreography features the trajectory of movement and energy to highlight the very essence of the dancers in motion with the expanse of the open field.

Moving, Still and Meadow Dance is choreographed and directed by ShaLeigh Comerford in collaboration with the dancers. Original compositions are by Mike Wall at soundFORMovement.

Named Best of 2021 for Outstanding Choreography by Chatham Life and Style

Estimated Run-Time of Moving, Still: 15 minutes; Meadow Dance: 8 minutes


“ShaLeigh Dance Works’ company moved with precision across a meadow stage at Mystic Farm & Distillery, captivating the crowd.” – Marie Muir for Durham Magazine

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