Derivations: Rosas danst Rosas

In 1983, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker had her international breakthrough with Rosas danst Rosas, a performance that has since become a benchmark in the history of postmodern dance. In June of 2013, Rosas & fABULEUS invited choreographers to submit their own films based on the original choreography. They received 250 films from all over the world: from Australia to Burkina Faso and from Mexico to Shanghai. The selected films were shown in the Kaaitheater on a wall of fame from October 8th through 12th in 2013, the last day of the revival of Rosas Danst Rosas celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Derivations was first shown at the Kaaitheater in Brussels, Belgium where Rosas danst Rosas had its original 1983 premiere. The work builds on the minimalism of the original choreographic structures and movements while abstract moments from the company’s work Dedicated are layered within the repetition. The fierceness of these movements is countered by writer and actor Kirkwood’s humanistic presence and responsive gestures. The text was written and performed by Kirkwood under the direction of Comerford. Inspired by the exhaustion and perseverance that come with the work’s original design, Comerford created an emotional tension that contrasts sharply with the rigorous structure of the choreography. The work was restaged in 2014 to be performed in a traditional theatre setting. Today, it continues to be performed on stages as well as in non-traditional theatre settings.

Derivations is choreographed and directed by ShaLeigh Comerford and is based on Rosas danst Rosas with original choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Film Direction & Editing by Jon Haas. Text and performance by Richard Kirkwood. Music by Mike Wall at

Re:Rosas! is a project by Rosas and fABULEUS and produced in association with Danspunt.

Estimated Run time: 10 minutes

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