Majid Bastani

Majid Bastani joined ShaLeigh Dance Works in 2014 and has been training with the company and exploring ShaLeigh’s unique contemporary dance methodology ever since. He has had the opportunity to be part of several SDW projects: Aló, Trust The Bus, Quest Wirx, and I promise, to name a few. Prior to this, Majid was a Wushu performing martial artist. In 2013, he scored two first-place medals (in sword) and two second-place medals (in spear and staff) at the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) tournament. His interest in dance was sparked after an encounter with Wilbert Alix, an internationally recognized teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanism, through Trance Dance work as a means of exploring consciousness and altered states of mind – expressing the intelligence that is absent of words. When Majid is not rehearsing or training, he enjoys exploring other dance forms such as contact improvisation and 5Rhythms.