Janie Desmond

Janie Desmond first began her dance training with ShaLeigh Comerford in 2005. Together they have created a movement relationship and bond that has spanned more than ten years. They have moved together through the forms of Ballet, Modern, Creative Movement, Improvisation, Composition, Choreography, and ShaGa. In 2018, they presented their duet, J’aime ma soeur at DPAC for Reality Ministries annual talent show. Janie began working with ShaLeigh Dance Works as a Guest in 2019 with a performance of enVISION at The Cary Theatre. Janie is a 2015 graduate of UNC Greensboro with a certificate in Integrative Community Studies. Her goal is to share her love for dance through teaching all ages with a special interest in elementary education. She is currently working as a dance instructor with Inspire Inclusion Dance.