Abby Bradetich

Abby, originally from Denton, Texas, has a BFA in Modern Dance with a minor in Nutrition from Texas Christian University. At TCU, she performed in dance works by Susan Douglas Roberts, Dr. Suki John, Dr. Nina Martin, Sarah Newton, Andee Scott, and Lily Sloan. After college, Abby moved to Seattle, where she joined the professional dance scene there, performing in works by Wade Madsen, Angelica DeLashmette, Amy Weaver, Stephanie Golden, and Hailey Burt. After three years in the Pacific Northwest, Abby moved to North Carolina, where she joined ShaLeigh Dance Works in Fall 2018. When she’s not dancing, Abby is the Marketing Manager for ShaLeigh Dance Works, as well as a freelance graphic/web designer and marketing coordinator for companies in Washington, Texas, and North Carolina.