ShaLeigh Dance Works’ Repertory and Performance

Join the company experience in this workshop while learning excerpts of SDW’s repertory. This workshop will share methods employed by the company while creating several of their dance-theatre works. Artistic Director, ShaLeigh Comerford will offer a sampling of how the company blends ballet, release technique, physical-theatre, contemporary partnering and Shaga to compose and execute dynamic movement phrases. Participants will also enjoy discovering their own solo movement through the use of improvisational scores designed for the original creation process. Open to all skill levels; a dance or theatre background is not required.


SDW Repertory Workshop at Ninth Street Dance on Saturday, February 29th, from 2:30-4:30pm. More Information  



ShaGa is a guided movement practice based on the philosophy that what we do in the studio can affect our lives outside of it and that inhabiting our bodies allows us to more fully inhabit the world we live in. It is designed for all people of all abilities who want to connect to their passion to move and discover in a welcoming, accepting  atmosphere. Evocative ideas and imagery create an improvisational playground that enhances increased sensitivity to our bodies while going beyond familiar limits and expanding our movement potential. As we allow our innate, inner rhythms, we experience freedom inside our movement and inside our minds while connecting our bodies to our imaginations. Class begins slowly and builds to continuous motion. The practice opens us up to more pleasure and the capacity to experience movement as a dynamic, healing force of vitality.


ShaGa Workshop at Ninth Street Dance on Saturday, February 8th, from 2:30-4:30pm. More Information

ShaGa Community Class at The Reality Center Ballroom: First Saturday of each month from 5-6pm beginning February 1st – April 4th, 2020. All classes are donation only. More Information

ShaGa Community Class at Living Arts Collective: Third Sunday of each month from 6-7pm beginning January 19th – June 21st, 2020. $10 suggested donation. More Information

ShaGa at Global Breath Studios: Fourth Friday of each month from 6-7:15pm beginning January 24th – June 26th, 2020. More Information


Movement Research Lab

A series of two-hour sessions offering a somatic approach to movement research and providing an opportunity for a substantive peer exchange in a lab-type setting. The sessions are facilitated by ShaLeigh Comerford and grow out of ShaGa- her form of Somatic Movement Research, combining knowledge from her direct studies with Ohad Naharin (Gaga) and Gina Gibney (Community Action) while building on her Power of Identity through Movement thesis curriculum. These sessions will explore the embodiment of motion through guided exercises, improvisations and repetitive sequences that enable us to close the gap between thought and action. It is open to professional dancers, performers, actors, yogis and all who are interested developing a personal practice of expanding range potential and inhabitance. Each participant will create their own personal toolbox for application to their respective practices.  


Physical Inquiry of Balletic Forms

A series based in a variety of modalities and body practices, designed to expand one’s understanding and efficient use of the body through classical and neo classical forms. Classes are suitable for professional dancers and all who are curious for new ways to unlock their natural technique. The work in class engages us in a process that facilitates changes in the way we experience and relate to our bodies moving through an awareness of our form in space. We work with deep connections in the pelvis, freeing the upper body and spine to move with ease and expression while developing clear relationships of our body to the space around us. Modalities we will cover include applications from Eric Franklin, Lisa Harris, Irene Dowd, Anouk van Dijk, Christine Wright, William Forsythe and Andrea Olsen.   Contemporary Ballet with ShaLeigh Comerford This class is designed to expand each dancer’s understanding and efficient use of the body through classical and neo classical forms. This is a practical, technical class that employs classical ballet technique with the tools of improvisation, weight, shape, space, rhythm and time. We work from the foundations of William Forsythe’s Improvisation Technologies to remove artificial affectations leaving the core technique and pure physical architecture of the body. The ultimate goal of this study is to allow greater range of movement in the upper body while utilizing the lines and forms of classical ballet. The first hour of class will focus on learning the functionality of form and how to carry this knowledge into application through the second hour of class which is dedicated to phrase work and contemporary repertory. Repertory may be done on pointe.  


For booking information please send us a message via our Contact page.