A Day in the Life: AJ

“The process for not only this current work, I Promise, but for the company ShaLeigh Dance Works as a whole, has been a process of both growth, understanding, and one of deeper connection and feeling. I can definitely say that throughout the rehearsal process and studying with a more deeper intention, I’ve been able to find a connection to my body and inner being that is honestly a duality of expansiveness but also struggle. As once you begin searching for a deeper connection and see that bit of light, you want to keep digging for a more and more, and that’s where the real work begins. Once you find even the slightest hint of light that’s there, you hold on to it. You carry it everywhere with you. It’s also genuinely an amazing feeling when the whole of everyone is on that same journey together. You can feel it. It resonates through the space, through out bodies, and spoken through our movement. Almost as if we made a silent promise to everyone in the room.”