Artist Mentorship Lab

Each year, renowned and emerging choreographers are invited to spend one – two weeks with the company for a period of creative collaboration in a mentoring relationship.

Collectively they agree on where and how they want to interact through a democratic creative process. This may mean actually collaborating on a work, workshopping works-in-progress, or dedicating time to learn, create, and grow through enriching dialogue and research.

Engaging with a mentor as a way to learn and achieve greater potential as an artist is an ancient practice and appears in the works of the great thinkers of the golden age of the Greeks. The opportunity encourages company members in their own personal growth and advancement, while also allowing Mentors the opportunity to deepen their curiosities and refine their research with a versatile group of movers.

The residency aims to develop and nourish the artistic growth of our company dancers while also expanding opportunities to the community through open workshops, masterclasses, or showings.

Rosie Herrera, our 2019 Resident Artist, marked our inaugural program.