ShaLeigh Dance Works, under the artistic leadership of ShaLeigh Comerford, celebrates its second season in North Carolina. The company was first founded in 2005 with a premiere of Returning at the Broach Theater in Greensboro, NC. Since then, the intimate ensemble ranging from 2 to 6 performers have toured their growing repertory worldwide.

Dedicated to creating socially conscious works, the diverse repertoire builds on an intense collaborative, choreographic process with the performers and often explores deeply personal themes of the individual in relation to the collective. A deep comprehension of abstract artistry and emotional nuance guides the company’s choreographic thought to that which both resonates and transcends our most inward natures. The company’s multi-layered work often interweaves dance and theatre with gesture and mime while cultivating a movement vocabulary that enhances sensitivity to our physicality. Comprised of individually unique performers including, dancers, actors, writers, martial artists and dance-makers, the international ensemble demonstrates virtuosity and versatility in a wide range of techniques and forms.