Creating Community & Connection through Movement

We are sharing 7 donation classes a week, live-streamed from NC.

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Our hearts are with those suffering most in these challenging times. We are living in unprecedented times, and we know that many people are in need of support. We are all in need of self-care right now (including us!). Because of this, we will continue to offer our ShaGa classes online by donation ($0-$5 sliding scale) to help movement and healing reach bodies and souls around the world. As a way to provide connection and community through movement, we are offering 6 ShaGa classes and 1 Mindfulness Movement & Meditation class per week! Classes are open to ALL people throughout the world. We invite you to join us in this gentle practice as we heal together and reimagine our world.

In ShaGa, we move from our body, the ultimate refuge. We allow our bodies to become our teacher and our healer. ShaGa is a movement practice of self-discovery, healing, and awakening to our deeper resources. It opens us up to the capacity to experience movement as a source of healing and vitality. We discover that by inhabiting our bodies more fully, we are able to more fully inhabit our lives.

August Class Times *All times are Eastern Standard*

Sunday 4pm with ShaLeigh
Monday 8pm with ShaLeigh & Shimila
Tuesday 3pm with Bart
Wednesday 8pm with Isabelle
Thursday 8pm with Steven
Friday 3pm with Isabelle
Saturday 4pm with Steven

We are teaching these classes on Zoom, a free application accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. Simply register by clicking on the link for each class on our GoFund Me page, and you will get access. Please be sure to register ahead of time for each class!

Classes are entirely donation-based and we encourage those who are able to give what you can. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. All donations will go directly to support our ShaGa Teachers, who are without financial security in these challenging times.

We know that many of us are experiencing financial challenges right now, so we also appreciate your help in simply sharing our fundraiser, inviting your friends and family, or leaving comments to share your experience with others. Help us share this healing practice with the world!

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ShaLeigh Dance Works denounces white supremacy, racism, and racial violence.

ShaLeigh Dance Works acknowledges the pain and morning our nation is experiencing and extends our solidarity to Black people, their families, and communities. We have witnessed the undeniable impacts of systemic racism on the lives of individuals who are Black, Indigenous, immigrants, LGBTQ+, and live with disabilities. We stand with those working to dismantle all forms of oppression and intentionally invest time, resources, and energy into building a reality founded on equity and justice.

Click this link for Anti-Racism Resources and ways to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Community Conversation hosted by SOLE Defined: Is the Dance Community Silent?

In response to the recent and historic violence against Black people and systemic racism in our dance community, SOLE Defined & Community Leaders host live conversations to discuss the current climate of our nation and the response of the dance community.

For more information on SOLE Defined, visit www.soledefined.com